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I really do understand the frustration of wanting the best of the best, the stunning, user-friendly website for your new business, with either zero to very little tech knowledge or zero to very little funds to pay for it.  (I was right there with you almost 10yrs ago now)  The first instinct is to hit Google and search ‘how to build a website for my business’ and HOLY SMOKES you’re then hit in the face with so many different options. 

The next step is as that was just overwhelming is to hit up Facebook and go to those trusted groups that you and I hang out in, and ask the those members or other female business owners, YIKES!, NOW you’re even more confused.

Now you feel like this is just way too hard and way out of your league and that’s it your DONE!.

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Tania is a wealth of knowledge and always happy to help. I have learned so much. The creative membership club is so supportive and a great community to be part of.
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